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At A+ Transcription Services, you are guaranteed fast, superior service with no shortcuts or oversights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a full-service transcription company benefit my practice?

As a full-service transcription company, A+ is committed to deliver to your practice a document that is on-time and accurate. Each medical transcriptionist on our team is an administrative professional who is trained in medical terminology. Our transcriptionists are dedicated to transcribing and editing your document to your satisfaction. A+ also offers our unique cover page for every document. An account manager will be designated to your account and handle all the concerns and questions you might have on a daily basis. Our Quality System Accountability is in place to transcribe, edit and proofread all documents transcribed.

What is a cover page?

A cover page is the first page in your document where the transcriptionist dialogues with your office staff exclusively. All questions and errors are brought to your attention on this page. It is greatly appreciated when practices answer our questions and send them back to our office for future reference. This builds the rapport with the provider and the transcriptionist to eliminate common errors on future documents.

How does A+ Transcription Service charge?

A+ Transcription Services charges by the line. This is the most cost-effective method for our providers. There are also many variables that can add or subtract from the price per line. Contact our office and a detailed quote will be given to you. We are confident that our prices are very competitive.

Can A+ do a STAT dictation for you?

Absolutely. Please call the office and alert us that your digital file is being unloaded to the web, and we will assign a transcriptionist to transcribe it right away.

What makes out-sourcing desirable for our practice?

Out-sourcing has become one of the fastest growing trends for US-based companies today. Everyone is looking for ways to reduce and/or control company costs. You will cut costs by eliminating in-house computer stations/work space, employee benefit expenses, without experiencing any changes to your workflow.

What is A+ Transcription Service's turnaround time?

All work uploaded to our secured web site by 8:30 a.m. EST will be transcribed in 24 hours.

Is A+ Transcription Services based here in the United States?

Corporate headquarters for A+ Transcription Services is located in the Northeast and our entire transcriptionist staff is located in the U.S.

A+ Transcription Services is a U.S. based team of medical transcriptionists who are appreciated for being dedicated to their work.